Chris Lett owner of Branigans Tyres with branches in Burleigh Heads and Southport branches in the Gold Coast.

Have some questions?

It’s just what it says. Sometimes, vehicles get scrapped with nearly new tyres or new car owners decide to switch up wheels and tyres. Instead of letting perfectly good tyres go to a landfill, we give them a thorough safety check and pass them on to you for less.

Check the sidewall of your current tyres to find the numbers and letters specifying the tyre size you need. Give us a call to check if we have them in stock. Having said that, we carry a wide range of tyres and are likely to have what you need.

Our queues move fast, so most people just turn up. But if you want to get ahead of the crowd, bookings get you there. Make yours now.

Tyre prices include fitting, wheel balancing as well as best-practice disposal of worn-out tyres. There are no hidden charges.

Yes we do. Get safety checks, let us rotate your tyres for even wear, get your wheel alignment sorted out, or simply get a puncture repaired. If you’d like us to attend to your brakes or even want a full service for your car, talk to us.

Whatever your wheel and tyre-related needs may be, we’ll do our level best to help. Call us to chat to a technician. We’re here for you.

Pricing depends on the tyres you need and the options you choose. We strive to offer above-average service and quality for less than you’d expect. Call us to check out your options and pricing. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Choose amazing offers from our stock of safety-approved nearly-new tyres or join our subscription program – it’s like a special savings account just for your tyres.

Checking tyre pressure at the Burleigh Heads branch in the Gold Coast.