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What We Do

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Tyres are our Specialty

From Passenger vehicles to light trucks – we stock the tyres you need. Want to check it out? Give us a call or pop in and visit our workshop.

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Wheel Balancing and Alignment

Get a smoother, safer ride and extend the lifespan of your tyres. While you’re updating your tyres, we’re giving you a better driving experience.

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Puncture Repairs

Got a flat tyre? Quick fixes can go a long way when you choose us. If it doesn’t need replacing, we recommend a durable repair.

Switch it Up

Tyre rotation ensures longer tyre life and even wear across all four wheels. You can do it at home, but it’s quicker and easier with us!

Brakes! When Stopping Power Matters

A car that goes is great, but stopping power is a lifesaver! Let us check out your braking system while we attend to your tyres.

Keep it Green

Absolute road safety compliance and good-as-new quality are part of our promise when you choose our cost-saving, environmentally sustainable tyre service.

A Family Business for Your Family Car

We know how important your tyres are to you and your family’s safety on the road. We take our responsibility seriously.

Safety Checkup

Due a long road trip? Check out your wheels before you hit the road. Avoid unnecessary wear and travel safe with Branigans.

Get More for Less

Shortcutting wheel and tyre maintenance may look like a cost-saving, but it’s unsafe. At Branigans, you get more for less. Be confident. Be safe. Be smart.




Our Guarantee: 100% Customer Satisfaction. In the unlikely event that you are not 100% happy with your purchase, we offer FREE replacements. Simply contact us within 7 days of your purchase.

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Tyre Guide

Tyre Size Fitment Guide  

The meaning of the numbers on tyre sidewalls.

If you’d like to check whether we have the tyres you need in stock, or get prices before you visit us, you’ll need to tell us the tyre size printed on the sidewalls of your tyres. But what do all those numbers and letters mean? Check out our handy tyre size fitment guide.

Radial Tyres

Radial tyres are made to give you a more comfortable ride, and they have lower rolling resistance, which reduces fuel consumption. In radial tyres, the layers of which the tyres are made run radially across the tyre. The sidewalls also have greater flexibility, and this factor, combined with the tread-layout, adds up to comfort and fuel efficiency.

Components of a modern tyre

You might think that there isn’t much to tyres, but a lot of ingenuity goes into the design of a modern tyre. Nowadays, tyres offer better handling, stronger traction, longer-lasting tread, better fuel savings, and greater comfort than they did in the past.  


Each tyre-maker offers its own version of tread – that’s the rubber or rubber composite that’s in contact with the surface of the road. Tread is made up of grooves, lugs, voids, and sipes and each of these has a specific function which we’ll examine next. How much tread should a tyre have? It’s depth should be 1.5mm or more.

Rain grooves

These carefully-thought-out grooves channel water away from the tyre, preventing your car from aquaplaning on wet roads.


Sipes run perpendicular to rain grooves and contribute to the prevention of aquaplaning. They also help to cool the tyre when driving on hot tarmac.


Tyres are made from layers of cords covered with rubber. The layout of plies, and the number of layers, have a big role to play in tyre performance.


The gaps or spaces between the raised portions of your tyres’ treads allow for flexibility and they’re as important to traction as the tread blocks themselves. Different tyre makers each have their own pattern of treads and voids.

Wear bar

Tyre wear bars or wear indicators are there to help you to see when your tyres are becoming too smooth for safety. When the wear bars are making contact with the road surface, it’s time to get new tyres.


The parts of a tyre’s tread that are in contact with the road are known as “lugs.”


The sidewall is the part of the tyre between the tread and the “bead” which contacts the rim. It’s made of rubber reinforced with steel cords or fabric.


The bead is the portion of the tyre that fits onto the rim of the wheel. It’s reinforced, usually with steel, and fits snugly onto the rim, keeping the tyre in place.


The slightly rounded-off portion of the tread as it transitions to the sidewall is known as the “shoulder” of the tyre.

Tubeless Tyres | Run Flat Tyre Markings Explained

Each tyre manufacturer has their own abbreviations to denote “run flat” tyres. As a result, there’s no single, standard marking to indicate a run flat tyre.

Tubeless Tyres

The term “tubeless tyres” is a synonym for “run flat tyres.” These tyres have extra-strong sidewalls to temporarily prevent the tyre from collapsing when it’s punctured. This allows the driver to travel to a safe place or to their nearest tyre dealer as long as he or she drives at a reduced speed. How far you can go with one of these tyres, and the speed at which you can drive is dependent on the specific brand and its tread pattern.

Markings Indicating Run Flat or Tubeless Tyres

As with other tyre specifications, the markings for run flat tyres are found on the sidewall. Here are the letters different tyre makers use to mark tubeless tyres.

  • DSST: Dunlop
  • EMT: Goodyear
  • HRFS: Hankook
  • RSC: BMW
  • SSRF: Pirelli
  • SSR: Continental
  • ZP: Michelin
  • ZPS: Yokohama
Tyres stacked up against the wall of the Branigans Burleigh Heads tyre shop in the Gold Coast

Go Green With Recycled Tyres

Why throw away nearly new tyres? Some people do! We’ve tapped in to all the best sources, but before we offer them to you, they will get a full safety check.