Burleigh Heads Premium Tyre Wholesaler Informs On Road Safety For Rainy Weather

How to be safe in rainy weather

Tyres are one of the most overlooked components of a vehicle. Although they can be expensive, they are undoubtedly the most critical component of a vehicle, as they are the only thing that connects the vehicle to the road. That one particular connection in tyres, should provide key safety and security, specifically on wet roads during rainfall.

Chris Lett, Australian tyre recycler and founder of Branigans Tyres advises in detail on how road users can practice imperative safety precautions during rainy weather.

“It is fundamental to remember that drivers should not drive a vehicle with tyres that have worn out tread,” says Lett. Contact and rotation, according to Lett, “influence traction, cornering acceleration and the braking system of a vehicle.”

There is a definite correlation between rain and accidents, even a moderate drizzle of rain, let alone a torrential downpour, may provide a difficult environment for a motorist to deal with.

Rubber patches about the size of a motorist’s palm are all that the vehicle has in contact with the road. When it rains, adding this variable to the equation might result in a disaster. Therefore, it is important to ensure that tyres are in good condition to avoid losing control of one’s vehicle.

Regardless of where a motorist resides, it is highly likely that one will be forced to drive in the rain at some time. Therefore, it is important to know how wet roads and poor visibility can impact the way a car behaves when driving.

Chris Lett has some important tips for drivers when driving in wet weather: Firstly slow down, increase the guideline for a three-second safe distance from the car in front to five to six seconds, use rear vision and side mirrors, use low beam headlights to see and to be seen, and ensure wiper blades are in good order.

Branigans Tyres is committed to environmental friendliness as well as safety. They recommend filling tyres with nitrogen rather than oxygen. “The key benefit of nitrogen is that it can escape through the inner lining of a tyre at a slower rate, allowing it to cool the vehicle’s running temperature” says Lett.

“Furthermore, nitrogen propels low rolling resistance, and grips in wet conditions, allowing motorists improved direction stability.  It also takes up to six months for a tyre to lose its pressure after being filled with nitrogen,” Lett adds.

At every visit, Branigans Tyres will ensure that all tyres on the vehicle, including the spare tyre, have the correct tyre pressure, and that they are inflated properly.

Branigans Tyres has well-established workshops in Burleigh Heads and Southport in the Gold Coast region. Check out their full range of services or current featured promotions. Branigans award-winning affordable tyre subscriptions package starts at $7.97 and helps motorists budget for their ongoing tyre needs.

Vehicle owners are encouraged to drive in at their convenience as no pre-bookings or appointments are required. The branches are Burleigh Heads: (07) 5535 2660 situated at 13 Flagstone Drive or Southport: (07) 5591 8633 located at 1/277 Southport-Nerang Rd.

Written and syndicated by YDMA News.

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