Gold Coast Burleigh Heads Tyre Dealer Urges Solid Brake Care

Your brakes deserve a break!

Vehicle brakes provide a great deal of control and security for all vehicle owners. They perform the extraordinary role of keeping you safe and possibly saving your life on the road. It’s time they deserved the respect and break they need!

From emergency stops, to sharp turns, brakes are at the forefront of life-threatening preventions and uncertainties that accompany the on-road experience. “Vehicle owners should understand how their brakes work and how they can be maintained and even improved,” says Chris Lett, Australian tyre recycler and owner of Branigans Tyres. He discusses major ways in which vehicle owners can improve their brake’s performance.

Fitting new brake pads: Brake performance and overall safety can be improved by fitting new brake pads,” says Lett. “This should be done at least once a year or more often if covering more than the average kilometres a year,” he adds.

Upgrading the brake kit: Large brake kits are both the fastest and best ways to improve the braking performance. “The heat takes slightly longer to accumulate on larger disc surfaces, at the same time helping them cool down much faster,” says Lett. “Through cross-drilled and well-ventilated discs, the cooling down process is more effective,” adds Lett.

Keeping the brakes cool: Should new brake pads overheat, this can alter the underlying structure of the brake pad material. “Until brakes are fully bedded down, vehicle owners should prevent heavy braking that could lead to potential overheating. This can include any circumstances, from towing heavy loads, to stopping immediately after high speeds,” says Lett.

Braking properly and often: More braking is better than less, and braking gently is better than heavy braking overall. “For the first 300km, each time the brake pads establish contact with the discs, it increases the contact area surface between the two parts, allowing better braking in the future. Therefore, braking more often and lightly is recommended for the first 300km, after the new pads have been fitted,” says Lett. “Driving slower provides vehicle owners with an opportunity to brake lightly. Braking faster and harder wears out the brakes more quickly. Another precautionary measure is to keep an ideal distance between vehicles, which will also provide you with quicker reaction time, and prevent the unnecessary slamming of the brakes,” adds Lett.

Maintaining the condition of the brakes: A routine maintenance check up should be done every year. At Branigans Tyres, experts will check the condition of the brake pads, the disc and the brake fluid and give you peace of mind.

At Branigans Tyres, Chris Lett and his team ‘go green’ and are experts in the recycled tyre business. Branigans Tyres has well-established workshops in Burleigh Heads and Southport in the Gold Coast region. Check out their full range of services or current featured promotions. Branigans award-winning affordable tyre subscriptions package start at $7.97 and help motorists budget for their ongoing tyre needs.

Vehicle owners are encouraged to drive in at their convenience as no pre-bookings or appointments are required. Branches are situated at 13 Flagstone Drive, Burleigh Heads, contact number (07) 5535 2660 or 1/277 Southport-Nerang Rd, Southport contact number, (07) 5591 8633.

Written and Syndicated by: YDMA News

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