Must Do Tyre Checks Before and After a Road Trip

Tyre related accidents and issues on the road can be avoided by conducting the right tyre safety checks before short and long distance travel. Unforeseen tyre problems, such as tyre blowouts, can be costly, especially if you do not have a spare tyre. It is important to expect the unexpected.

Australian tyre recycler and founder of Branigans Tyres, Chris Lett, provides insight in conducting much-needed tyre inspections.

Check for early signs of uneven tyre wear

A visual inspection of the tyre is an important part of road safety tyre checks. Motorists are advised to inspect the wear of the tyre. “Uneven tyre wear may need to be rotated or replaced,” says Lett, “this includes cut and bulges on the tyre”. This awareness will prompt motorists to consider contributing factors of tyre wear, such as incorrect air pressure of the tyres and inaccurate wheel alignment. “Inspection of the tyres means better maintenance of the tyres,” says Lett.

Do the penny test before and after a long trip

In Australia, the minimum legal tread depth is 1.5mm. The depth of the tread affects the grip of the tyre. Worn off tread influences the drivers control of the vehicle, especially in wet conditions as “there is not sufficient traction of the tyre to contain the down force of the vehicle,” says Lett. This would make aquaplaning more susceptible. To measure the tread wear of the tyre, a small coin, such as a 10-cent piece, can be used. A vehicle owner can check the tyre tread depth by placing the coin in the grooves of the tyre. If the tyre reaches the coin with some degree, the condition of the tyre tread is still well above its limits.

Rotate tyres to ensure a comfortable journey

The rotation of tyres helps to ensure even tyre wear. Rotating tyres is also cost-effective as it reduces overall tyre replacement expenses. Rotated tyres have proved to have a longer lifespan due to the even wear of the tyre. The tyres should be considered for rotation after every 10,000kms. “If a vehicle is due to a tyre rotation, it should always be considered before a road trip,” says Lett.

“Tyre checks are just as important as having fuel in one’s vehicle,” says Lett. Drivers have the responsibility to ensure that the tyres are in good condition. “Tyres are what keeps motorists safe on the road, and properly maintained and inflated tyres saves fuel as well,” says Lett.

“By practicing proper tyre maintenance habits, the risk of accidents caused by tyre failure is reduced allowing the driver to enjoy a stress-free trip,” says Lett.

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