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Replacing a tyre is often a nightmare for car owners.

A single, brand-name tyre can cost hundreds of dollars and you have to go to the effort of matching the tyre with the brands recommended by your manufacturer.

Finding the best car tyres at affordable prices is easy on the Gold Coast, Branigans Budget Tyres is a  specialist tyre retailer on the Gold Coast.

When you need new or second hand tyres contact us. 

Finding good quality tyres

You want affordable, quality tyres that don’t cost the earth.

Tyres are in constant contact with the road, so even if you only go on daily trips to work or the school run, they are prone to wear and tear.

If your tyres are not in good condition you will likely use more fuel due to worn tyres or you may even obtain a defect notice from the police.

So you should be prepared to budget for a new set as soon as you notice an issue with the safety of your tyres.

Understanding the difference between super cheap and budget quality can help you to make the right choice when you are buying from us, and we help you understand the difference in new or second hand tyres

Australian tyre dealerships are required by law to only sell tyres that are roadworthy, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding what you need. It just depends on the tyres’ durability and how often you want to replace them.

Choosing good quality tyres

The main difference between low-cost tyres and their branded cousins is the type of rubber used in
the construction.

  • Most high-brand models will use a type of rubber compound that is soft. This reduces their
    lifespan, but gives better cornering and handling sensitivity. They consume more fuel while
    driving, which can mean they cost the car owner even more than expected.
  • Budget tyres have harder rubber. This makes them more affordable to manufacture, and
    also echoes Formula 1 cars, which use hard rubber for the majority of the laps. Budget tyres
    may also offer improved fuel efficiency due to low rolling resistance.
  • Cheap tyres not only use hard rubber, but are also made with low construction standards.
    This makes them less resistant to the impact of the road, and could result in them
    developing blemishes or holes very easily.

Finding the right dealer

You can still find cheap, quality tyres when you know what to look for.

Call into one of our 3 tyre fitting workshops and we’ll fit your car or 4 wheel drive with tyres that don’t compromise on quality.

Branigans retail well-known tyres, such as the Achilles range, which are often less than $100 per tyre.

We also sell and fit quality budget models such as Nexen tyres.

To make a booking to have your new or used tyres fitted, please contact us here or visit one of our three convenient locations, Southport, Burleigh Heads or Murwillumbah.

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