Nitrogen in tyres and road safety

Nitrogen gas is a non-combustible gas that does not damage the tyre’s rubber and has been used in race cars and other industrial vehicles for a long time. Aside from the apparent advantages of filling up your vehicle’s tyres with nitrogen, there are other reasons to do so.

Australian tyre recycler and founder of Branigans Tyres, Chris Lett, provides insight into the benefits of nitrogen gas in tyres. It is crucial to consider the safety and benefits of nitrogen gas when it comes to road safety. There is evidence that nitrogen tyre inflation is better for road safety.

Lett explains the benefits of nitrogen in tyres. “The key benefit of nitrogen is that it can escape through the inner lining of a tyre at a slow rate, allowing it to cool down the vehicle’s running a temperature,” says Chris. An increase in nitrogen content in a tyre can help prevent its pressure loss.

Nitrogen-inflated tyres have a cooler running temperature than those with air. This benefit can increase their tread life and improve road handling. “It could take up to six months for a tyre to lose its pressure after being filled with nitrogen,” says Chris.

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As the temperature rises, the tyre’s footprint gets smaller, reducing the grip they have on the road. In addition, “nitrogen helps reduce road corrosion because it doesn’t contain moisture,” adds Chris.

The most common reasons for a blow-out are poor condition, overloading, and under-inflation. Nitrogen can help retain pressure for a long time.

Having a regular check of tire pressure is also important to prevent excessive wear. “It is also important to maintain the proper tire pressure to prevent the wheel from losing its grip,” says Chris.

Nitrogen tyres are more durable and maintain their pressure for longer. “Nitrogen has a molecular structure that allows it to escape through the tyre’s tubular structure,” says Chris. This allows the nitrogen to maintain its pressure for a long time.

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When the tyre gets hot, its inflation pressure increases. This causes the part that touches the road to shrink. When the temperature rises, the pressure builds on the tyre. “This causes the tread to get smaller, which can affect the grip of the car,” says Chris.

Availability & Affordability

Until recently, the practice of filling vehicle tyres with nitrogen was not widely practiced. This is mainly due to the cost involved in doing so. Today, machines that are used to store and inflate tyres are becoming more prevalent.

Changing to nitrogen involves taking off all the air that’s already in the tyres and re-inflating them with compressed nitrogen. This procedure is similar to the process of changing tyres.

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