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If you have recently purchased new tyres for your vehicle, or are planning to buy a new set of tyres for your car, then you may have been offered wheel alignment. These are often provided by dealerships for their new customers, and they may be the best way to make sure that your vehicle is safe to drive when you leave the dealership.

There are several reasons why new tyres need a wheel alignment as soon as possible after they are fitted, and why having this done can greatly improve safety levels for both car and driver. Knowing this information may help you decide whether you want to have your tyres aligned.

Correctly aligned tyres perform better

One of the primary reasons to have your new tyres aligned as soon as possible after fitting is that
you will get a much better performance from your car after this has been performed. The fact is that
new tyres are unworn, but the interior of your vehicle will already have adjustable points where
somewhere has already been produced.

The alignment of your vehicle may be slightly different from the standard, depending upon the position of each of the parts, and when tyres are fitted without being aligned to your individual car, this can result in poor handling, and difficulties when cornering.

One area, for example the camber of the vehicle, can be very different in handling depending upon
whether the adjustment has been performed. If you tend to be an aggressive driver, then you may
need to have the tyres aligned for a more negative camber.

Reducing wear on tyres

A second reason for choosing to have your tyres aligned after purchase is that you can help to
reduce wear and tear on the tyres that can significantly limit their use. Carefully adjusting the
suspension of the car will ensure that the tyres are balanced evenly at all points, so that they are
wearing at the same rate. Where a tyre is incorrectly aligned, the chances are that one tyre will
become significantly worn before the others are in the same condition.

This could mean that you need to regularly replace one tyre before the rest, which can be more expensive in the long term. If you are wondering why new tyres need a wheel alignment, correcting the chances of excessive wear patterns is perhaps the best reason.

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