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New tyres can be expensive and there is a growing market for second hand tyres.

At Branigans Budget Tyres, we have the largest stock of second hand tyres on the Gold Coast.

So, are second hand tyres a good alternative to new tyres?

Let’s weigh up the pros and cons.

Advantages of second hand tyres

They’re cheaper

Okay, so this is an obvious one. Second hand tyres are cheaper than new ones. Even for tyres in great condition a used set of tyres is going to cost you less than they would if they were new.

They’re better for the environment

Discarded tyres are a serious environmental hazard because when tyres burn they release toxic compounds into the atmosphere. Extending the life of a tyre through second hand sales means fewer tyres end up at the dump. As reputable used tyre dealers, we only sell quality second hand tyres in good roadworthy condition.

Advantages of new tyres


It goes without saying that new tyres will be in better condition than second hand. Any respectable second hand tyre dealer will however, rigorously check a tyre before making it available for sale. Do not purchase second hand tyres if they show serious signs of damage. A tyre should be free of cracks, cuts or swelling and the rubber should show no signs of perishing.

You should also be on the look out for patching. Unfortunately, some less-than scrupulous dealers have been known to patch bubbles or thin spots in tyres.


When you purchase a new tyre you can be confident that it was manufactured fairly recently. Rubber perishes with age, so when you purchase second hand tyres it is important you check the date of manufacture stamped on the tyre.


New tyres should have no signs of treadwear. However, the tread on second hand tyres will be partially worn. Under Australian law tyres must have at least 1.5mm of tread to be allowed on the road. Most of our Gold Coast used tyre stock has between 50% and 90% of its tread intact, so you can be confident that any second hand tyre you purchase from us will comply with Australian safety standards.

When choosing a second hand tyre for your vehicle look for one where the tread has been evenly worn. This will ensure it lasts longer.

All things considered, purchasing new tyres for your vehicle is preferable to buying second hand. However, if the cost of new tyres is more than you can afford, quality second hand tyres from a reputable dealer are a respectable alternative.

If you are still unsure whether to purchase new or second hand tyres for your vehicle, contact us at our Burleigh, Southport or Tweed Heads workshop to discuss your options further.

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