Tyre maintenance and service for extra longevity

Factors such as your driving style, road conditions and tire design will affect the answer. Also, the more frequently you use a car, the more likely it is to tyre out.

The motorists are responsible for the care and maintenance of the tyres on the vehicle, and to make sure that they are well-equipped to handle the weather and wear.

Australian tyre recycler and owner of Branigans Tyres, Chris Lett, provides input on the importance of tyre maintenance.

Lett provides significant guidelines for motorists to help to determine the maximum service life of tyres. “If motorists have any questions regarding the vehicle’s tyres, or want to speak to a professional, motorists can always contact a local Branigans Tyre centre,” says Lett.

It is important for tyre retailers and service centres to offer a variety of high-quality tyres for different applications. “Tyres are designed to provide long-term protection and are made to last for thousands of miles,” says Lett.

The factors that determine the longevity of the tyres are often interrelated. Aside from the pressures and load, motorists also have to consider the proper storage of these components. The vehicle’s service life is determined by the various conditions that it encounters during its daily use,” says Lett, “these include inflation pressure, road hazard damage, and tyre rotation,”.

“Having proper maintenance done can help extend the longevity of the tyres,” adds Lett. Regular maintenance can help keep the tyres in good condition. “Having these checks done can help prevent the premature purchase of replacement tyres,” says Lett.

Performing regular tyre pressure checks is important to maintain proper tyre life. It is also a good idea to check tread wear to check for signs of wear.

“Ideally, check the tyre pressure regularly and rotate the tyres evenly to keep them in place,” says Lett. Also, keep the wheels aligned and tread wear checked to prevent visible damage.

Although it may appear like a good idea to replace a worn tyre, it is still important to check its condition once a year. “Aside from age, regular maintenance also helps prevent tread and rubber cracking,” says Lett.

Even though a car’s tyres may seem fine for driving, it should still be replaced once the tyres reach the age of ten. “This is because the wear and tear of these tyres can affect the longevity,” says Lett.

Some vehicle manufacturers may suggest a different age at which to replace a tyre. This is because of their understanding of the vehicle’s specific application.

Most of the time, worn tyres will require replacement even if the removal period is stated on the vehicle. “It is still the responsibility of the driver to ensure that the worn tyres are replaced when needed,” says Lett.

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