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It’s one of those things that absolutely has to be done. Delaying wheel and tyre maintenance puts the vehicle owner at risk of incurring fines – or worse yet – being involved in an accident that could have been avoided. But with the cost of four new tyres amounting to a sizable chunk of the average household budget, delaying wheel and tyre maintenance owing to budgetary constraints happens all too frequently. 

Chris Lett, owner of Branigans Tyres, a family business with outlets in Burleigh Heads and Southport, says he’s come up with a solution to the problem: a subscription towards annual tyre replacements. 

“The company workshops often see clients arriving with tyres that are well past the level of wear that should be on the road. In most instances, consumers say that even with budget-friendly prices, attending to tyre replacements places strain on household finances. That’s why Branigans decided to take the pain out of tyre replacements with its subscription model.”

Subscribing to Tyres

The model is a simple one, and its sole aim is to make it easy for motorists to attend to wheel and tyre maintenance. Motorists sign up to the service which requires a small weekly subscription payment. After a year (52 weeks), they qualify for four roadworthy tyres plus wheel balancing and alignment. 

In setting up the tyre subscription service, Chris hopes to help households that have either been inclined to delay necessary car maintenance, or who have become accustomed to using some form of credit to cover costs for which they haven’t budgeted. “It’s unlikely that ‘replacement tyres’ is a line item in most household budgets, but thanks to subscriptions, it can be one that’s small enough to be all-but-negligible. When it’s time to claim their tyres, they’re already paid for and it’s just a matter of popping in to collect,” explains Chris. 

Hassle-Free and Without Extra Charges

To make offering the subscription possible without having to levy extra admin charges and without any need for prospective subscribers to visit Branigans Tyres’ physical locations, Chris has harnessed the power of automation. 

“Everything happens automatically from the time when a customer visits the Branigans website and signs up,” explains Chris. “The system keeps track of the subscription, manages payments, sends out receipts, and notifies clients once they’re eligible for their set of tyres and associated services.”

“With wheel balancing and alignment included in the deal, the overall effect is that subscribers get more for less. They don’t have to think twice about replacing their tyres, and they end up getting a great deal at the same time.”

Thanks to its tyre subscription service, Branigans has found one more way to benefit its clients – and another way to differentiate the company from similar ones serving Gold Coast. “Branigans has always worked hard to give its customers great deals and services they can rely on. Tyre subscriptions make wheel and tyre maintenance a household budgeting breeze, and it’s hoped that clients will find this service both helpful and convenient,” says Chris.

For further information, visit or call Chris and his team at Second Hand Tyres Gold Coast |Branigans Budget Tyres by contacting the Service Centres in Burleigh Heads (07) 5535 2660 or Southport (07) 5591 8633.

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