A Passion for Tyres – Guaranteed Better Tyre Service

There are a few things Tyre Service Centres should consider to guarantee excellent client service. Chris Lett, owner of Branigans Tyres and Australian Tyre Recycler, shares his passion and expertise in providing and ensuring excellent service to clients.

Service efficiency

Good customer service involves quality and timely assistance to accommodate clients. A one-stop-shop service centre allows all clients needs to be efficiently and conveniently met. “Customer service ranges from aiding customers with purchases to solving their tyre problems,” says Lett.

By respecting the environment and clients “recycled tyres are offered with the same quality as new tyres, while still offering less” says Lett. “Low cost efficiency does not influence our quality standards, ” says Lett.

Budget friendly services not only improves the relationship with clients, but also guarantees customer loyalty. A benchmark for a successful business. “Monthly promotions are also offered to valuable customers” says Lett.

Client satisfaction

Efficient service guarantees client satisfaction. “Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance,” says Lett, “excellent service for all is guaranteed”.

As a business, “it is exceptionally important to build a relationship with clients, this gives the mission of the work a purpose,” says Lett.


The passion for tyres is developed through proactive work among hard-working employees who share the same values and principles. “The services offered is 100% proactive as close attention is paid to customer needs,” says Lett, “and  “clients are assured that all work is done properly the first time”.

Hard-working and reliable staff that can solve all problems regarding tyres, ensures an efficient service to clients. “The trusted staff is at the heart of Branigans Tyres,” says Lett, “the staff is reliable, professional and initiates their expertise into the work they enjoy to satisfy customer needs.”

The environment that is created by employees is crucial for the stability and functionality of a service. “The working environment at Branigans Tyres is friendly and stress free, all the staff have everything under control and work coherently with one another,” says Lett, “the customer service professionals are responsible for ensuring customers have a good experience by fulfilling their needs.”


Tyres is an important feature in maintaining the safety of motorists. Therefore every motorist should leave a Tyre Centre workshop knowing that their safety is in check. Branigans is a trusted family business that prioritises customer safety and wellbeing on the roads. Tyre service centres, like Branigans Tyres that their “responsibility seriously to ensure the safety of the clients and their families,” says Lett.

Branigans Tyres has well-established workshops in Burleigh Heads and Southport in the Gold Coast region. Check out their full range of services or current featured promotions. Branigans award-winning affordable tyre subscriptions package start at $7.97 and help motorists budget for their ongoing tyre needs.

To guarantee customer satisfaction when it comes to tyre servicing and vehicle maintenance, vehicle owners are encouraged to drive in at their convenience as no pre-bookings or appointments are required. The branches are Burleigh Heads: (07) 5535 2660 situated at 13 Flagstone Drive or Southport: (07) 5591 8633 situated at 1/277 Southport-Nerang Rd.

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