Roadworthy tyre safety

Here at Branigans Budget Tyres, we offer a comprehensive roadworthiness check for your tyres on the Gold Coast.

Making sure your tyres are roadworthy is a must for many reasons, the most important being safety, for yourself and other road users.

Then there is cost. Partly worn, damaged or incorrectly inflated tyres can impact driving efficiency by increasing fuel consumption and risking damage to your suspension.

Basic Checks

There are some simple ways to check that your tyres comply with Queensland road safety laws.

As well as the safety and cost elements, driving on worn tyres is illegal, so you need to know that Australian authorities have the right to stop you and check your tyres at any time.

If you’re slightly unsure about what you need to look for, pop into Branigans Budget Tyres and we’ll talk you through your tyre requirements.

The first thing to do is to check your tyres are inflated to the right pressure. If you have your user’s manual, this will include the right tyre pressure.

Plus, the amount will be moulded into the tyre wall itself – however if your tyres are particularly worn, this may be harder to determine.

The family team at Branigans Budget Tyres has been selling tyres on the Gold Coast for more than 15 years, so we are highly qualified to identify the correct tyre in seconds then inflate your tyres accordingly.

Once we have your wheels off, we will check for signs of wear on each tyre. It is usually the case that tyres wear out at different rates depending where they are on your vehicle.

Generally speaking, the tyres that deliver your engine’s power to the road wear out quickest.

Many vehicles are 2WD, with some kicking into all-wheel-drive in difficult conditions so unless your vehicle is a rear-wheel-driven these are likely to be your 2 front tyres.

We may then be able to rotate your tyres so that the more worn ones go on the rear axles. This should be done every six months or 10,000km, whichever comes first.

Further Help

At Branigans, we will check for wear on your tyres, which indicates your wheels need realigning.

This will produce more wear on one side of your tyre than the other, which can be dangerous if not remedied quickly.

In the case of irregular wear, as well as rotating your tyres, we will be able to realign your wheels so they turn evenly, spreading the weight of your vehicle across the full width of the tyre on the road.

If you are noticing any wobble in either your steering or one or more of your wheels themselves, especially at speed, your wheels could need rebalancing.

Poorly balanced wheels wear your tyres unevenly, however we can easily fix this problem for you.

We will advise you if you need replacement tyres and offer great value new and DOT-standard used tyres on the Gold Coast. We give an honest assessment and stock high quality tyres at very reasonable prices.

Check Us Out

For advice on anything to do with tyres, please feel free to get in touch with our team. Come and see why Branigans Budget Tyres has such a great reputation when it comes to tyre repair and replacements.

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