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For Australians trapped at home by the threat of Covid-19, it might seem like hitting the long road again is nothing more than a dream. But the time will come when the lockdowns are over and the great outdoors beckons again, says iconic tyre expert and recycler Chris Lett of Branigans Tyres on the Gold Coast. He suggests that Aussies make sure they are ready to roll when travel restrictions for local travel are lifted.

He believes that once Australians can again open the front door wide, they won’t be hanging around at home as they will have been there and done that for too long. The outdoors and travel are part of their culture and they will be firing up the camper or packing the car and heading into the golden sunset (or sunrise) as soon as possible.

However, Lett stresses the importance of drivers checking their cars and tyres for any damage caused by the lockdown period of little or no mobility, and they should do this before turning on the ignition.

What to Watch Out for When Back On the Road

The roads and highways are going to be busy: Lett says there’s a good chance the country is going to have a boom in local travel as Australians set about making up for the loss of the traditional Easter holiday break. Overseas trips are probably an option for some time, so Aussies wanting to feel the wind in their hair and the sun on their faces will be celebrating by taking a new look at Australia.

Getting your tyres ready to spin: Long periods are standing idle aren’t kind to most parts of your car, but the battery and tyres are among the first to suffer. If the car is left out in the open without a cover,  UV light, ozone and the heat of the sun can cause tyre degradation, Lett said.

Tyres can also lose their shape if the wheels don’t move fairly regularly. This causes the car’s weight to be on the same section of the tyre for as long as the car stands idle. Failure to ensure the tyre pressure was kept at the right level all the time could have similar results and both these problems could call for replacement tyres, according to Lett.

Getting Ready to Roll: All temporary fixes will need to be undone, like removing any plugs inserted in the exhaust and air vents to prevent rats and insects from make themselves at home in the car. Batteries will need charging, water levels could do with a check, and the oil and fuel may need attention if the car has stood for a long time.

Lett said it’s worth spending that little bit longer at home dealing with these issues than having to face mechanical faults and the consequences of damaged and unsafe tyres while away from home.

Should you need replacement tyres after lockdown ,Lett’s Branigans Tyres in Queensland has high quality secondhand tyres, some of which have hardly been used and cost less than half the price of new ones.

For further information, visit or call Chris and his team for Second Hand Tyres Gold Coast |Branigans Budget Tyres Service Centre at either Burleigh Heads (07) 5535 2660 or Southport (07) 5591 8633.

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