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Most vehicle owners will only buy brand new tyres when they discover their current ones need to
be replaced. However, if you have the chance, you should regularly check your tyres so you have
the luxury of being able to take your time to research the best options.

Although cost does play an important part when making your final decision, there are plenty of other factors to consider when purchasing your tyres.

Getting Started

If you’re looking on the Gold Coast at tyres you’ll find tyres come in many sizes and it can be
overwhelming to start your search without a clear idea of what to look for. So to avoid confusion,
the first step is to find out the specifications outlined by your car’s manufacturer. The information
they provide will ensure the tyres you choose fit the wheels perfectly.

This will be included in your user’s manual or on the rim of your current tyres.

You will usually see a combination of letters and numbers. For example, your tyres might have the
code P205/65R15 94H written on the side. In this case, the P indicates that the tyre is for
passengers; 205 refers to the width of the tyre; 65 is a percentage describing the aspect ratio.

The R means radial, which is related to the type of construction. The next number, in this case is a 15,
is the diameter of the wheel in inches. The 94 lets you know what is the maximum load that the
tyre can support, while 94 means that it can carry up to 670 kg.

Finally, the H indicates the speed rating. Having this information with you when purchasing your tyres is essential.

Luckily for you, most tyre retailers are knowledgeable about all these codes and you simply need
to take a photo of your current tyre and show it to a reputable Gold Coast tyre retailer or bring
your user’s manual when purchasing tyres.

Honing Your Search

Once you know the size of your tyres, it is time to think about your driving. If you usually drive on
the motorway, you will need tyres that offer a comfortable and quiet driving experience. If you
only drive in an urban environment, budget or second-hand tyres will give you the necessary
traction to be safe on the road.

In any case, talking to an experienced Gold Coast tyre seller about your requirements will help them find the best options for you.

To make a booking to have your new or used tyres fitted, please contact us here or visit one of our three convenient locations, Southport, Burleigh Heads or Murwillumbah.

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