Unnecessary Tyre Failure Issues can be avoided

Tyre Failure Issues That Can Be Avoided by Public Transport Drivers 

Many people use public transport for various reasons whether it is to commute to school or work. Public transport drivers play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of passengers.

As a public transport driver, it is important to keep in mind the importance of tyre safety as tyres are always in contact with the road. If the tyres are in a bad condition, it may contribute to road accidents, causing serious injury to passengers and other road users.  

Iconic Australian tyre recycler and founder of Branigans Tyres, Chris Lett, provides his perspective on this subject.

Understanding the different types of tyre damage

Tyres can become damaged in different ways and without anyone even noticing until it’s too late. The types of tyre damage include regular and irregular tyre wear, punctures, cuts and impact tyre damage.

Regular tyre wear happens over time due to the overuse of tyres. “Although there is no exact period as to how long tyres should last, there are ways that one can extend the lifespan of the tyres,” says Lett. Rotating tyres regularly to even out the tyre wear is one way to slow down regular tyre wear. It also reduces the effects of irregular tyre wear. Lett explains, “irregular tyre wear on weaker tyres, can lead to tyre ‘blow-outs'”.

Tyre punctures are caused by nails, stones and other debris found on the road, that embeds in the tyre when driven over. Driving into potholes also puts pressure on the tyres, especially if the vehicle was travelling at a high speed.

To prevent further tyre punctures, drivers are advised to “remain focused and cautioned on the road, to prevent driving over obstructed and protruding objects,” says Lett. This reduces the chances of getting any punctures and also increases the life span of the tyres.

Tyre cuts are caused by sharp objects on the road and can be avoided by steering clear of driving on rough surfaces. After noticing a tyre cut, it is advised that the tyre be checked and repaired by a tyre specialist as driving with tyre cuts is a road safety risk.

Impact tyre damage

Impact tyre damage can be spotted by the appearance of bulges on the tyre. This is caused by driving at excessive speeds over potholes, speed bumps and curbs. Lett explains, “the bulges on the tyre can lead to further damage of the tyre. Drivers need to take the necessary precautions to avoid causing these.”

Frequent tyre checks may seem like a waste of time, but they are necessary and important to ensure the peace of mind of the driver and passengers when commuting to various destinations.

Branigans Tyres prioritises the safety of all customers to keep them and their families safe on the road. “Our experienced tyre specialists are quick to spot any tyre problem, and they’re even better at solving it,” says Lett.

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